Last week, YouTube dropped some pretty exciting eCommerce news on their official blog. This unexpected announcement shows that the video platform has been working closely with Shopify, teaming up to allow creators to utilize the creative outlet to sell their Shopify products.

This news was well received, as Shopify shares shot up by around 2.6% post-announcement.

An example of this partnership is displaying Shopify products throughout videos, on their channels, or live streams. This is also a real-time integration, meaning your stock will sync so customers can see if the products are in or out of stock, even on YouTube. Youtube is also giving creators complete control over what products appear on what content. For example, you can choose to have your culinary creations featured only on your cooking videos, while your fitness gear is shown on your workout clips.

For US-Based YouTube creators, an on-site checkout will be available, meaning customers can buy your products without leaving the site! We suspect that this feature will expand to other regions in the near future, but for now, only US users have this luxury. A smart move from YouTube is that during on-site checkout, the whole transaction transpires while someone is watching the video that sold them the product, which might help YouTube retain viewers who would have otherwise left the website to buy a product elsewhere.

How do I integrate my YouTube channel with my Shopify store?

To qualify for these eCommerce capabilities, YouTube channel owners need more than 1000 subscribers. There are also additional requirements, including appropriate channel content and copyright strikes on your channel. If you meet these criteria, YouTube could be a fantastic way to promote your product listings.

A quick demonstration of the Youtube & Shopify integration.

We’re excited to partner with YouTube and help scale the creator economy into its next phase of growth.” Says Kaz Nejatian, VP of Product at Shopify. As the biggest e-commerce platform on the internet, Shopify powers millions of businesses all over the world. Shopify believes the next generation of merchants are creators, and teaming up with one of the biggest creative platforms, will help scale the economy into its next phase of growth.

A surge of in-app shopping functionalities for video apps has become almost a ‘trend' with the likes of TikTok and now YouTube offering Shopify integrations, with in-stream selling already a critical revenue pathway for the Chinese version of TikTok (Douyin).

Although in-app shopping on these platforms hasn't been as popular for Western audiences, YouTube isn't risking letting TikTok rule another sector of online engagement.

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