Video – for better or worse, has become a part of your life. 

In recent years, almost all major social media platforms have made the shift to video over static images – the current biggest social media platform in the world, TikTok, consists exclusively of short and easily digestible videos. Other social media giants have also turned to imitating the success of this short-video formula ( The introduction of Instagram Reels and Snapchat Spotlight.)

You see, videos attract AND retain the attention of customers much faster than the rest. While scrolling down our social media feed, we are more likely stop to view an engaging video over a static image. 

Ecommerce is utilizing the potential of these visuals to market itself and squeeze the best results out. It's important to have an engaging video, which will help the customer stick. 

An example of an engaging product demonstration.

Since the rise of the competition among online retailers, the role of innovative marketing and consumer-appealing techniques to lure customers has become increasingly more important. Time and time again it's been proven that providing a high-end video experience is the answer.

The numbers are hard to ignore; There are over 1 billion online customers that have access to video media, over 70% of Google searches include a matching video, and the United States spends more than 5 BILLION minutes a month watching videos on mobile devices.

With these statistics, it's safe to say video isn't going anywhere soon.

How do I take advantage of video communication as a business?

One of the most common ways video is used in a business is for product demos. It's easier than ever to shoot a decent-looking, professional-sounding demo with just an iPhone or other mobile device. 

But is it effective? 

Anecdotal evidence says yes, but there's no hard data on how much more likely someone is to buy a product if they've watched an explanatory video. There are some promising numbers in terms of how many people would prefer to watch a video rather than read instructions, but again the data isn't conclusive yet.

There are other ways that businesses can make use of video, though it may not be as easy to quantify its effectiveness. 

To look into the matter deeply, an explainer video is going to get a bigger conversion rate on your website. Also, your brick-and-mortar store might see more foot traffic because you had a video made of it.

Moreover, a client is going to feel much better about engaging with you if they've watched a testimonial from one of your other clients. Communication is a lot better if it's visual, but it is not an alternative to the text as it has its own usefulness. However, communication gets easier when it's visual rather than just text.

As far as using video, there are multiple ways. It is not one area that marketers should focus on with full attention; however, it is one important area that should not be neglected if you really want to make it big.

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