The complete Wholesale Helper Pricing Discount App for Shopify review

Selling business-to-customer (B2C) and wholesale (B2B) is a juggling act. In your one hand, you want to satisfy your B2B customers with pleasing prices, while also keeping B2C customers in mind. 

The appearance of hybrid B2B and B2C stores have become more and more common over the years. Store owners want to provide both wholesale and retail customers with the same smooth and seamless purchasing experience. 

Shopify particularly is used by both B2C and B2B merchants around the world. Shopify offers a vast number of plug-ins and apps, allowing business owners to streamline both the business-to-customer and wholesale experience. 

Even though Shopify comes pre-equipped with a plethora of tools to help store owners juggle these two business models, the use of these third-party apps is what separates the wheat from the chaff.  

The Wholesale Helper tools are guaranteed to broaden the horizons of any online store thinking about expanding into wholesale too. With 7 different apps available, all averaging 4.9/5 stars, it’s clear that these star-studded tools leave business owners more than satisfied. 

We’ll be taking a look at every one of these tools, and how they can benefit YOUR online store.

Install Wholesale Helper App

From $19.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Wholesale Pricing Discount 

Wholesale Helper’s WPD (Wholesale Pricing Discount) tool allows Shopify store owners to offer wholesale prices for set customers and customer groups. This tool is extremely flexible, allowing you to customize the discounts based on customer groups and products. These discounts can be applied to any number of products, collections, or the entirety of your store. 

These discounts can be set as percentages, or specific amounts on selected collections, products, or customers. The inclusion of wholesale specials will increase your store’s wholesale revenue, by showing them how much they save, while also being able to cater to retailers who aren’t buying in bulk.  

This tool saves you countless hours, setting you free from phone calls and emails of customers who wish to manually order. Just set tag this customer group and set a specific discount for them. 

Wholesale Pricing Discount’s feature/settings panel

Here are a few key features and functionalities of WPD

Volume and Tiered Discounts 

An extremely useful feature is the option of setting up tiered discounts. Tiered discounts allow you to reward customers who bulk order, reducing the product price with the more stock they buy. 

Cross-Compatibility & Integration 

Wholesale Helper’s tools are cross-compatible, meaning you can take advantage of integration with Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder and Wholesale Lock Manager.  

Price or Quantity Discount Threshold  

Set up minimum amounts' customers need to be paying to qualify for different set discounts. 

Adaptive Shipping Prices 

Allow clients’ shipping prices to be influenced by the amount of product they’re ordering, or by total spent.  

Customizable Payment Terms (Net 15/30) 

Customize and change terms on net orders to perfectly fit your customers.  

NOTE: The Net Order feature requires a small theme update to be functional on your Shopify store. The Wholesale Helper team is happy to apply with this update to you free of charge after you provide them with your shop URL and developer access. 

Around-the-clock customer support 

Any queries regarding the tool will be conveniently answered within a few hours (sometimes even minutes) through email. WPD’s team also offers to help you set up an order form and a password to protect your wholesale section.  

Comprehensive User Guide 

With all these facts and features, subscribers might find themselves feeling a bit overwhelmed starting out. Luckily, Wholesale Helper provides an in-depth guide on how to get this app up and running. This documentation includes a bunch of tutorials and questions to ensure you are  

WPD Subscription Prices 

Pricing for this tool is split into three monthly subscription plans, basic, professional, and enterprise. Most of Wholesale Helper’s tools include a free trial to test out their apps, this tool being especially generous with a 14-day free trial period. 

The basic package supplies subscribers with the bare bones of the tool, still allowing you to create and customize discounts. 

 This package can be enough for novice shop owners looking to dip their feet into the world of Shopify apps, to see how beneficial they would be. The basic package does get your feet wet but is only a puddle compared to the ocean of features provided otherwise. 

Taking a look at the two other subscription models, it’s clear to see that the Professional package is designed for more established businesses, looking to take advantage of WPD’s unique features to take their sales to the next level.  

Still lacking the full list of WPD’s extensive features, the Professional package still leaves store owners with more than enough to play around with. 

Finally, the Enterprise subscription covers all of WPD’s features from top to bottom. Priced at almost $40 per month, this subscription cost is surprisingly low, considering the potential amount of revenue it can generate.  

Popular Customer FAQ’s 

Can I offer other terms instead of Net 15 or 30? 

Payment terms are 100% customizable, meaning you can change it to Net 15, 30, 45, 60, etc…  

Simply open the Net 15/30 control panel from the app’s homepage and adjust the settings accordingly. 

What if a customer has multiple discount tags that conflict? 

If your Shopify store has conflicting discount tags, the highest discount percentage will be applied (lowest price for customer.) 

Is the theme update free? 

Your first base theme update is complimentary. This update usually takes around two hours. You can perform this update yourself, but it is advised that WPD’s professional team takes care of it.  

Themes including a large number of JavaScript code, are subject to charge if the update takes longer than two hours. 


Wholesale Helper’s Wholesale Pricing Discount tool strikes the perfect balance between an impressive number of features and an easy-to-use user experience. I went through a ton of user reviews, I could almost only find positive reviews, always meeting customer expectations and being praised for their great customer support. 

Install Wholesale Helper App

From $19.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Other Tools 

WPD is Wholesale Helpers’ most popular tool, but it isn’t all that they’ve got up their sleeve, let’s take a look at the other six tools they have available. 

Wholesale Lock Manager 

Managing both your retail and wholesale store simultaneously has never been easier. This tool allows store owners to easily secure their online stores, by password protecting products and pages in a few simple steps. All of Wholesale Helpers’ tools are native to Shopify, allowing you to install and set up in a matter of seconds.  

Key Features: 

  • Provides security for your store’s wholesale section 
  • Easily add/remove permissions to grant people access to your site 
  • Save money by running both wholesale and retail operations on one site (Split with the Wholesale Lock Manager)  

Wholesale Order Form & Re-Order 

Make ordering as simple and seamless as possible for your customers. Many online stores bleed sales by making their check-out process tedious and difficult with constant back-and-forth clicking. Single Page Order Form combines all your products to fit them onto an easy-to-use customizable order sheet. Also included in this tool is the Re-Order page, allowing returning customers to quickly buy products that they have previously ordered. 

Wholesale Helper’s support team is also more than happy to help you to customize the order form to perfectly fit you. 

Key Features: 

  • List all your products and their variants on an easy-to-use order form 
  • Allow customers to re-order products with two clicks! 
  • Customizable 

Pre-Order Helper 

Boost your sales revenue by providing pre-orders on your Shopify store! 

Make sales on products that are out of stock or haven’t even launched yet. Get rid of the tedious back-and-forth via email when customers request pre-orders. This tool allows you to manage and monitor your pre-orders alongside your other sales on your Shopify store. Just like Wholesale Helpers’ other tools, this pre-order form is completely customizable, allowing you to create one to perfectly fit your brand. 

This tool has a completely free version available. 

Key Features: 

  • Allow seamless pre-order option for customers 
  • Analytics on pre-order sales 
  • Works with product variants 


The quintessential tool to help you track and manage wholesale payment terms. See how much each individual customer owes you, see their past-due orders, and automatically follow up on invoices. All the hassle of hunting down customers, tied up in one easy-to-use tool. 

This tool has a completely free version available. 

Key Features: 

  • Monitor total amount owed by customer 
  • Customizable automatic invoice instructions 
  • Multitude of filters available, easy to sort and find specific customers 

Grow Cart: Upsell & Cross Sell 

The best way to generate more revenue is by selling more to those currently buying from you. This app allows you to upsell and cross-sell products that prospects can add to their cart in a single click. An example of cross-selling is when a customer adds a pair of shoes to their cart, you could sell them a new pair of socks too on their way to the check-out page. 

 This app encourages customers to buy more at once, easily boosting your average order value. It also features integration with WPD, meaning you can upsell and cross-sell retail and wholesale products! 

Grow Cart allows you to manually pick which products show up alongside other products in your store (because who knows your store better than you.) 

Key Features: 

  • Display up to 15 cross-sell products per page 
  • Fully customizable 
  • WDP integration 
  • Prevents cross-sell items from displaying when they’re already in your cart. 
  • Only $1 per month 

Remindio: Remind to Re Order 

Simplicity and automation are the names of the game in eCommerce. Remindio tackles both of those giant tasks, by allowing you to deliver customized, automatic campaigns reminding customers that their stock is running low. This campaign makes it extra simple for customers to purchase from you again, by pre-populating previous orders. 

The app’s easy to use interface allows anyone to create and customize email campaigns, ensuring returning customers. In-depth analytics are also provided, to allow you to see the revenue boost this app provides. 

Key Features: 

  • Automatic email campaign 
  • Works with any Shopify store 
  • Compatible with mobile 

The Wholesale Helper suite includes a wide variety of apps that are guaranteed to boost sales and conversion. These tools are easy to use, and customizable to the core, making them the perfect choice to take your Shopify store to the next level. 

Images by: Wholesale Helper

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