We Review SEO Booster Shopify App

SEO Booster by Secomapp is the no1 ranked Search Engine Optimization app for Shopify.

It is not difficult to understand that most e-commerce store owners feel overwhelmed by SEO. Search Engine Optimization can feel confusing at times, and one can easily get lost in all the technical terms and options.

You could hire an agency, but you often don't know what work they are doing for you, and the results can be mixed at times.

Store owners, designers, and developers of online stores should keep SEO at the top of mind during the initial build as well as long term. Taking control of your own organic ranking efforts frees you from having to outsource the work.

Shopify does come with some SEO features built-in that will help most store owners boost their rankings. However, the features are limited and often a bit confusing. There are apps available that can help one manage your store's ranking optimization better, and one of the most popular apps is SEO Booster by Secomapp.

This review will highlight some of the key features and how they can assist merchants and developers in ramping up their ranking in search.

Basic Shopify SEO Features

Shopify allows one to edit certain key SEO areas such as Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Custom URLs. These are the primary sections that store owners need to be aware of. The data is pulled automatically from the product data, which can often confuse users and search engines. It helps to go through each product and make sure to include the right keywords and descriptions for every product.

Where to edit Shopify Meta Data such as Title, Description and URL for Search

It is also advisable to deliver shorter URLs to the search engines. The product title is often lengthy and may contain details like SKU Numbers that are not needed in the URL. Longer URLs have been shown to rank less than more concise versions.

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Shopify also includes the ability to add Headings and Image Alt Text throughout your website. But it can often be difficult for users to find the missing alt tags, 404 errors, and missing headers.

SEO Booster to the Rescue

Well designed user interface

This is where SEO Booster comes in. The app allows merchants to update everything through the user-friendly app interface. Everything you need to manage your SEO is displayed in a dashboard that consolidates all the stats into one area. It combines almost all the latest SEO features into one app, saving you from having to install multiple apps.

You also don't have to understand all the SEO jargon as everything is displayed clearly.

We found the app extremely easy to understand, and the interface has been well thought out. Everything feels intuitive, and it does not overwhelm the user even though the features available are extensive.

Once you install the app, it runs a full scan of your website, highlighting all the SEO issues, and also includes a guide on how to fix it.

The app doesn't stop there. It includes a range of features to save you valuable time, including:

  • Keyword Suggestions generated from your data
  • Auto Alt-tags generator
  • Automated SEO reports
  • Delivery AMP version of your site
  • Pre-loading of pages before users visit the page
  • Broken Link Scanning
  • Highlighting of duplicated content
  • Competitor Diagnosis
  • Advanced Google Snippets
  • JSON-LD pushing of important product info to Google such as Ratings, Price, and Stock Quantity

What is JSON-LD?

JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data (JSON-LD) structures the list of attributes of your products transferring that data in a linked format which search engines use understand and display that info in search. The results is a better match between search intent and the content delivered.

The app features are comprehensive, and while many of the advanced features are on the paid plan, store owners can get some great features on the free plan.

Below is a table of the plans available:

SEO Booster Pricing Plans for Shopify

The app also has one of the highest ratings we've seen in the Shopify app store, with over 2300 positive reviews. It is always advisable to look through Shopify app reviews before installing, as it can give you valuable insights into how the app performed for other users.

Top Tip: Always backup your shop's theme before installing any update, as it is wise to have a clean backup just in case

The free plan is a great way to dip your toes into your store's SEO and test some of the features. Upgrading is also effortless, making it easy to scale up your SEO efforts over time. There is also a seven-day free trial if you want to start with the advanced features from the get-go.

We have been impressed with the results on many of the stores we used it on and can highly recommend this app to store owners of all sizes.


Merchants need all the help they can get in the competitive world of e-commerce, and SEO is one area where you can take charge. Ad spending has increased significantly in the past two years, making organic ranking even more critical. Most users only focus on the UX design of their store or the products but forget about one of the key metrics that make a store successful: The number of visitors.

SEO Booster helps with your ranking and can improve your conversion rate with built-in speed optimization.

Give SEO Booster a try and let us know your experience with it in the comments below.

Click here to try the Free plan or the 7 day free trial of SEO Booster

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