TikTok Rolling Out Search Ads For Specific Partners

The social media platform recently started testing ads in search results, with a full roll-out not far off.

Store owners are always looking for new ways to reach customers. Tiktok is currently the hottest social media platform, with staggering growth over the past year. The social media app has over one billion active users in 150 countries and has 2.5 billion app downloads.

45% of Tiktok users fall into the vital age demographic of 20 and 39-year-olds, a key focus group for merchants and advertisers.

Engagement on the app is the highest of any other social media platform(18% compared to Instagram's 3.4%), and this, together with the staggering growth, means store owners cannot ignore the platform and its users.

Engagement on Tiktok is 18%

Ads in Tiktok Search

Tiktok, like all social media services, is forever trying to find ways to monetize its user base. It has begun to mirror similar functionality on other platforms by slowly rolling out a beta version of search ads to select partners. A full roll-out is sure to follow soon, which will allow marketers to reach users on a platform where time spent and engagement is high compared to the other aging alternatives.

Users have been quietly noting the appearance of search ads in the Tiktok app, and it is noteworthy how unobtrusive the ads are in the results. It blends in with the organic results, which will be a big plus for advertisers.

TikTok search ads as noted by David Herrmann

Currently, the following ads are possible in the app:

  • In-feed
  • Image
  • Video
  • Spark
  • Pangle
  • Carousel

It won't be long before it joins the likes of Instagram in launching full e-commerce functionality.

Tiktok launches a new ad library tool called Top Ads.

Tiktok also announced the launch of a new tool called Ad Library, where marketers can see the top ad campaigns in the app. The new tool allows you to explore which ads reached the most users and can be filtered by region and industries. The tool will also help users find popular trends.

There are many marketing options available to merchants, and reaching the 1 billion users on Tiktok through its search section will add another lucrative channel that will help boost the number of leads when reach has significantly slowed down platforms such as Facebook.

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