Continuing with their insatiable obsession for innovation and optimization, Shopify announced subscription and post-purchase upsell apps are now fully integrated with Shopify's checkout.

This is big news

Online merchants can now, without jumping through hoops, sell subscription-based products AND offer post-checkout upsells. These new features aim to make Shopify's already hyper-optimized checkout even more effective. 

The addition of these new features are rooted in the growing demand for subscription and upselling apps, which are two of the fastest-growing Shopify app categories. These two new features open a gate for merchants to dive into the subscription market, which is predicted to grow over 3000% by 2025 (from already estimated $15 billion in 2019.)

On the same note, post-checkout upsell apps on Shopify have also become extremely popular in recent times. These apps simply present one-click product offers after a customer has checked out, reeling them back to your store by flaunting your great deals.

Upsell Without Popups for Shopify :: In Cart Upsell
An example of a post-sale upsell. Image Source

According to Shopify CTO Jean-Michel Lemieux, more than 1 million merchants worldwide can now offer post-checkout product upsells without (most importantly) compromising user experience and conversion. This feature has tons of potential to boost conversion rates and sales greatly, and with it now being fully-integrated into Shopify, you have no excuse not to use it.

In the past, Shopify store owners could only offer post-checkout upsells and subscriptions with the help of apps that are not fully integrated with Shopify's Checkout. This new change allows merchants to seamlessly download these now fully integrated apps from Shopify's App Store and implement them into their online store with only a few clicks.

For advanced users, Shopify also published subscription APIs, allowing you to customize and craft the perfect solution for your store.

Helping you to take full advantage of these new changes, we have compiled a shortlist of our favorite apps that benefit from these new integrations:

Post-Checkout Upsell Apps:

Subscription Apps: 

These new changes give you all the more reason to start your eCommerce journey.

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