Shopify is celebrating the summer season with over 100 new exciting features to its platform. In the latest Shopify Editions ( The company's bi-yearly spectacle of what they've been working on ), Shopify proves they have been hard at work during the first half of 2022. These new features include Shopify Audiences, NFTs, tap-to-pay, Twitter shopping, native B2B functionality, and much more. There's a lot to cover, so let's get into the top features and what it means for your store.

New Features

Shopify Audiences

Digital advertising has become concerningly harder and more expensive in recent times, especially for medium to smaller-sized businesses. ‘Audiences' is Shopify's answer to this: a new app that helps you find new customers and build a new audience! 

Shopify Audiences utilizes bleeding-edge tech in artificial intelligence and machine learning to anonymously pool purchase-intent data between its merchants and customers. This creates a data exchange web that uses mass conversion data to develop custom audiences across all opted-in Shopify merchants.

At the moment, Shopify Audiences is only available to Shopify Plus merchants.

Shop Cash

Shop Pay is the checkout that keeps on giving. With Shop Cash, customers now also earn 1% in Shop Cash on all eligible Shop Pay purchases and can reclaim it on the Shop app. These Shop Cash Boosts promote your brand to new buyers on the Shop app to help you convert first-time sales faster.

All you have to do is activate Shop Pay and sell on Shop to reap the benefits. Currently, this feature is only in early access, but you can apply for access here.

Pre-orders, Subscription, and Try Before You Buy

Shopify now offers more pre-order, subscription, and “try before you buy” apps that are natively integrated into their platform. You can lock in more sales and give your customers the flexible purchase options they want. You can find the respective apps below:



Try before you buy

Twitter Shopping

A much-requested addition lets you display and sell your products directly on your Twitter profile. This enables you to tap into your social media audience and the millions of other daily Twitter users.

B2B on Shopify

Arguably the most significant part of this Edition, the most potent wholesale features are now built directly into Shopify. Previously third-party apps were a requirement if you wished to have Business-to-Business capabilities on your store, but now, Shopify ships with it out of the box. Some features include allowing you to run a wholesale and retail store from the same storefront ( or using a dedicated wholesale storefront ) and setting customizable wholesale pricing and net terms.

Shopify B2B – Price lists

Shopify aims to make wholesale pricing a breeze. With the price lists feature, you can set a fixed price and percentage-off for all of your products and variants and modify the currency with the click of a button.

Different price lists can also be assigned to specific companies and locations, and you can even transfer multiple price lists to a company, with the lowest price always displaying if there are numerous prices available for a given product.

Shopify B2B – Company Profiles

Company Profiles allows you to give each of your B2B customers an utterly unique buying experience. Using these profiles, each B2B customer has distinct contact authorizations, price lists, payment terms, and tax immunities. Using a central company profile, you can avoid needing to manage separate records for every buyer and location you work with – and use the company profile instead.

Shopify B2B – Payment terms

The manual process of assigning payment terms to orders or draft orders can now be automated in the admin panel. Once payment terms have been given to a company location, you can track, sort, and collect on orders as they become anticipated. Your customers will be able to see the payment terms you've made available at checkout without any upfront payment required and can keep track of their upcoming recurring payments when they view their account.

Shopify B2B – B2B Checkout 

The checkout process is also more streamlined and personal for your wholesale clients, who can see their payment terms, payment methods, and wholesale discounts when they check out.

This ensures your customers have complete confidence throughout the whole duration of placing an order.

Tap to Pay on iPhone

As pop-up shops are set to surge in the upcoming months, more retailers are looking to return to in-person retail for increased customer engagement.

Shopify is making in-person selling easier for both entrepreneurs and customers, teaming up with Stripe and Apple to let merchants accept payments using only their iPhone and the Shopify POS app.

Shopify Search & Discovery App

Increase conversions with Shopify's native customizable search, filtering, and product recommendations app. so your customers can discover products they love when they're most likely to buy them. Contact Shopify to sign up for early access to this feature.

Discount Combinations

At last, you can now combine discounts on the same order. This makes it easy to launch promos that win new customers, retain customers, and is excellent for overall conversion.

Tokengated Commerce

Unlock exclusive creations and experiences for your community with NFTs and Tokengated Commerce. With Tokengated Commerce, your fans can integrate their crypto wallets with your store and unlock personalized benefits with their NFTs— such as exclusive products, early access to drops, collaborations with other brands, or even real-life ventures.


As time passes, Shopify continues solidifying itself as the king of eCommerce. As its list of downsides shrinks and upsides only grow – we are very excited to see what they have in store for the second half of 2022!

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