As an online merchant, you know that returns are inevitable. Whether a customer was unhappy with their purchase or had a change of heart, returns are a part of doing business. But dealing with returns can be exceedingly time-consuming and tedious, especially if you don't have a streamlined process set up.

That's where ReturnGO comes in. This return management app automates and streamlines your return process, making it a breeze for you and your customers.

What is ReturnGO?

ReturnGO is one of the most cutting-edge returns management platforms available for Shopify merchants.

Using a self-service return portal, you are able to automate the usually tedious returns process. 

The returns management portal is highly configurable, allowing it to match your store's return policy and provide your customers with alternatives to refunds, such as product exchanges and store credit. 

Thousands of merchants worldwide utilize ReturnGO, from small, starting eCommerce businesses to leading global brands. Return and exchange management can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be – ReturnGO makes it a breeze for merchants and customers alike.

How does ReturnGO work?

Using artificial intelligence, ReturnGO aims to maximize revenue and reduce costs.

Their ReturnScore technology works behind the scenes to give customers better return options – for example, keeping the item, shipping it back later, getting a full refund, or getting a refund in store credit.

ReturnsScore applies machine learning to ensure that you get returns processed quickly and easily. 

ReturnScore also uses Customer Behavior Predictions; its AI technology responds dynamically to each return request by predicting customer conduct in order to reach the best results for the customer and your store. Working in the background, ReturnGO's ReturnScore technology considers hundreds of parameters to determine the correct resolution to offer your customers.

By doing this, ReturnGO helps your store increase revenue and reduce costs.

ReturnGO also offers state-of-the-art analytics, going beyond typical returns solutions and giving users insights into the actual impact of returns on their eCommerce business.

Returns don't have to mean refunds.

Refunds may be costing your eCommerce store a lot more than you think. Understanding the hidden fees and how to reduce them helps you increase your profits and satisfy your customers. These hidden charges include shipping, labor, and opportunity costs, all of which are lost when a refund is issued. 

It's noteworthy to remember that while returns may be difficult to avoid, they don't necessarily have to come in the form of refunds. 

You can offer a couple of different types of returns when you use ReturnGO, such as exchanges and store credit, which try to avoid the pesky hidden costs mentioned previously.

Shifting your focus from refunds to exchanges and store credit, which are more cost-effective than refunds, will eventually save you tremendous time and money.

ReturnGO Exchange Portal

A key feature of optimizing your returns process is having an easy-to-navigate exchange portal. Giving customers a user-friendly portal to manage their refunds means they can initiate a return on their own time. They don't need to sit around and wait for a customer service agent to reply to their support ticket or sit around and wait for someone to pick up their phone call.

With ReturnGO's Exchange Portal, your customers can quickly track down their order using their order information and select how they want to proceed. 

For example, your customer purchases a dress, a top, and a hoodie from your store. After receiving the pieces, they decide to exchange the dress for one in another size, keep the top, and return the hoodie for a refund – all through the Exchange Portal. 

How do I integrate ReturnGO?

ReturnGO supports integration with most major eCommerce Platforms, but we will use it on a Shopify store for this review. The integration for Shopify is quick and easy, and no extra code is needed – within minutes, the app was up and running.

Is ReturnGO safe?

ReturnGO requires low maintenance and makes your returns and exchanges management easy and transparent. Their support team takes security extremely seriously and takes care of fraud and abuse.

ReturnGo Pricing

ReturnGO features four pricing plans, standard, advanced, pro, and enterprise.

The standard plan, starting at $17/month, includes 25 free returns per month; after that, you will be charged $0.75 per extra return. This plan provides return labels, unlimited policies, store credit, bonus credit, and multi-language support.

For smaller merchants, the standard plan should be suitable. The most significant difference between the plans is the number of free returns per month and the charge per return after that. As your business scales up and you start to receive more sales, you will notice the benefit of picking a higher-tier plan for better return margins.

Enterprise-Level Return Management

The highest pricing plan of the ReturnGO app is unique, as this is used by enterprise-level clients and includes features that aren't present on the lower levels.

These enterprise-level brands utilize ReturnGO as a returns-management solution.

This pricing plan includes your own dedicated account manager, 24/7 human customer support, access to the ReturnGO app from multiple stores, and data analysis based on your returns. 

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