Imagine you are scrolling through an online store, then suddenly, something catches your eye. 30% SALE OFF EVERYTHING! – including that brand new gadget you've been dreaming about.

In love with this product, your eyes rush through all the information & images until you reach the price. Your wallet groans and your heart breaks – as you already surpassed your monthly budget, and the sale ends tomorrow!

This is where Payflex comes in. 

An innovative new payment gateway that functions with some of the biggest eCommerce stores in South Africa! 

Payflex allows you to shop now, and pay later – only being charged a deposit on 25% of your purchase's price, and then paying off the remaining amount over 6 weeks. Payflex acts as an alternative to online credit – without the costs.

Payflex for customers

As mentioned in our example above, this payment gateway is super useful when a non-refusable purchase shows up – but money's a bit tight. If the store you're shopping on has Payflex as a supported payment gateway, simply select it and set up your account using your card details.

True to Payflex's slogan “Shop Now Pay Later”, after the initial deposit, the rest of the total amount is paid in 4 equal increments over 6 weeks. But what's the catch?

Well quite frankly, there isn't one. These payments have 0% interest, and Payflex has no hidden service fees, admin costs, or shady agreements.

Payflex also gives you the option to repay your whole invoice in a single payment. This means if you would prefer not to stretch the payments over six weeks, you can rather pay upfront.

Payflex for store owners

Payment flexibility not only helps you attract and keep customers around – but it also ensures that you get paid quicker. Accepting a big variety of payment methods also appeals to millenial customers, with studies proving that 48% of customers preferring to shop at stores with multiple payment options.

Payflex's buy now pay later model adds to this flexibility, providing customers who don't have upfront funds available to purchase products without sending them into unnessecary debt. This financial pressure has never been more relevant, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Payflex eCommerce Integration

Payflex is available to integrate as a payment gateway, but we'll only be looking at Shopify for now. If your Shopify store is already set up, it's easy as pie to add Payflex to your store. Simply visit the Shopify App Store, and search for the Payflex plugin. Once installed, you can contact Payflex's support team if you run into any problems (which is very rare.)

If you're a South African that's getting into eCommerce, you'll find that using Shopify and Payflex make for an amazing combination for accepting payments in South Africa.

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