new mailerlite features reviewed

Every online merchant knows how vital email marketing is to their business. An effective email marketing strategy is key to e-commerce success.

MailerLite has been a popular service for online stores, and the latest update of the company will do a lot to keep current users happy and attract new customers.

The company completely rebuilt its newsletter service, keeping all the popular features and adding some exciting new ones. MailerLite been around for over ten years, so it is nice to see that they continue to improve and innovate.

eCommerce was a big focus of the upgrades with new integrations and analytics to help improve sales for store owners.

Below we list some of the key improvements and new features.

Improved Loading Times

Loading speed for the newsletter dashboard and editing tools show a significant increase in speed. Online newsletter services can be clunky and difficult to use, and the new speed improvements are a welcome change.

Mailerlite rebuilt the software using Google Cloud using the latest infrastructure tech to improve loading time and functionality.

New Design

Upgraded MailierLite Dashboard

The company has implemented a fresh new design that is much more streamlined than the previous version and feels intuitive to use. The design is clean and easy to navigate while showcasing the essential sections in a handy sidebar. It even includes a dark mode for those late-night design sessions.

Upgraded Analytics

Data is essential and understanding your data is even more critical to long-term improvement. MailerLite made this a big focus of the new design, and the analytics dashboard comes with a plethora of new stats to keep the user happy. It provides a more detailed view of your subscriber metrics, sign-up activity, automation stats, and, crucially, e-commerce conversion stats.

The new visuals are a nice touch that helps you see your data at a glance. New features such as custom data ranges, comparative reports, and downloadable pdfs are also in the pipeline.


Automating your workload is key to saving time and efficiently managing your newsletter. MailerLite added features such as Facebook custom audiences that automatically sync subscriber data into segments.
The upgraded API connects to any store and syncs your customer data in real-time. It further allows you to set up targeted campaigns for abandoned cart reminders, post-purchase email chains, and order tracking.

Features such as Multi-trigger workflows that enable you to add reactions based on customer actions, and SMNS schedules will also be launching soon.

Improved iOS manager and subscribe apps

MailerLite iOS Apps Upgraded

The new upgrade extends to the MailerLite iOS apps that allow you to create email campaigns on the go and includes all the desktop features on the mobile version.

How to get the new MailerLite features

It is currently available to all users through single sign-on options, which means you can switch when you are ready and continue to use the old version. This is a welcome change from software companies that forces changes on users and gives you the freedom to decide when to shift to the new build.

New Pricing Structure

New MailerLite Pricing Plans

Newsletter services can be costly as your subscription list grows. The new pricing structure is easy to understand and allows you to increase your subscription as your business grows. The new pricing is built around the stage your business might be in and includes features for each step. This is a pleasant update as not all users might need the advanced features of the higher packages.

The four plans range from Forever Free to Enterprise, and the difference comes in with the available features.


The latest update by MailerLite is welcome news to current and future users of the newsletter service. And the best part is you can test most of the features on the Forever Free plan before deciding to commit long term. Many online merchants don't understand the importance of email marketing.

Make sure you are not one of them and make newsletters integral to your marketing efforts.

Stats that should inspire you to use Newsletters as part of your e-commerce marketing

  • Over 50% of the worldwide population uses email
  • Newsletter Emails improve user engagement
  • Personalized Emails have a much higher open rate of up to 19% compared to the 5% of regular emails.
  • Tuesdays are the best time to send out emails, with 10:00 am being the best time of day.
  • Abandoned Cart Emails enjoy an open rate above 35%
  • Welcome emails have an open rate of 80%
  • Adding video to newsletters can increase the open rate by 300%

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