Link in Bio Tool Linkpop Launched by Shopify

Shopify continues to expand its add-on services to users with a new tool called Linkpop. The new service allows social media influencers, creators, and store owners to sell their products through their own Linkpop page.

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Linkpop also allows users to include links to content like blog posts or videos, but the ability to link to shoppable products is only available to Shopify merchants.

Store owners can link with their Shopify shop and add links to their products on the page. Product data syncs in real-time with the store catalog, so you only have to manage the data in-store.

Customers will be able to purchase products without leaving the Linkpop platform, ensuring a smooth customer journey.

Type of content users can include on the page:

  • Podcasts
  • NFTs
  • Social Media links
  • Products
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Digital Wallet
  • Merchandise
  • Websites

There is a limit of 200 links per account.

Linkpop includes powerful analytics tools to track customer engagement.

This new Shoppable destination is sure to be popular with store owners as it gives them another location to sell from without having to manage inventory, pricing, etc., across platforms.

Credit Shopify

Linkpop is open to all users, but the shoppable links are only available for Shopify store owners.

The tool is free to use, making it attractive compared to some of the other link in bio options available on the market. It has been designed specifically for mobile-first but can be accessed through a browser.

What is Link in Bio?

Link in Bio allows social media users to include a link in their bio that directs users to a page where all the most important links for that user can be listed.

For instance, if an influencer has a blog, product, or service page, then they can create links to all these locations and only add the main link to their social media accounts.

This is a valuable feature, for instance, on Instagram or Tiktok, where you are only allowed to add one link in your biography. Including a single shareable link to all your content improves user experience and, in the case of store owners, allows customers to see all their products easily.

Some of the most popular Link in Bio services are:

  • SproutLink
  • Linktree
  • Feedlink
  • Lnk.Bio
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