Instagram Enhanced Product Tags Roll Out To All Users in the USA

Instagram Enhanced Product Tags Roll Out To All Users in the USA

Instagram becomes more shoppable with the availability of the new Product Tags Feature.

Instagram announced the roll-out of its product tag feature to all US-based users. The feature allows users to tag products in their posts and was only available for creators until now. The update means that all users will now be able to tag products of brands they like.

Instagram users can now tag products in all their posts, and business owners will receive a notification when their products are tagged. This will also make it possible for Instagram users to find any product tagged in a post with a click of a button.

Users are prompted to tag products once they've uploaded a photo. They can then browse through that brand's product and tag the only ones applicable to their post.

Business owners have some control over who is allowed to tag their products, which protects them from products appearing on posts that you disapprove of or are unrelated.

The above is a big plus for businesses because now their fans can promote their products in posts, helping to increase their reach exponentially.

Instagram also announced it is testing a new affiliate sales program that uses the product linking feature. Affiliates will be able to generate income by receiving a percentage of each sale made through their product tags. The update will open up affiliate marketing without the need to be part of an affiliate program. This is sure to get more people talking about the brands and promoting their products.

It might also harm the overall feel of the Meta-owned Instagram as it basically becomes just another mall. We have seen the negative effect of this in Facebook, where it has become primarily a place where people are selling you rather than entertaining you.

On average, 1.7 million people tag brands weekly, and that number will explode after the latest update as more users become familiar with the feature.

The latest update continues Instagram's push to become more and more like an online shopping portal with a list of online store features such as in-app checkout, product tags in videos.

How to Tag Products on Instagram

  • Step 1: Create a post on Instagram
  • Step 2: Make adjustments to your post as you would normally do
  • Step 3: Proceed to the next step and tag a brand related to your post
  • Step 4: Next, click on the “Tag Products” that appear
  • Step 5: Search for all the available products related to the brand you selected
  • Step 6: Add the name of the product, a caption, or location, and click share

Instagram Statistics 2022

  • Instagram is the 7th most visited site in the world, with a total of 3 billion visitors a month
  • It is the ninth most popular search term on Google
  • Instagram is the 4th most popular social platform after Facebook, Youtube, and Whatsapp
  • The Instagram app is the 2nd most downloaded in the world
  • 18 to 34-year-olds make up 60% of its user base, which makes this a key demographic for online merchants
  • 60% of American adults use it every single day
  • Adults use it on average 30 minutes a day
  • Half a billion accounts post Instagram stories daily
  • Instagram Stories bring in 25% of its ad revenue yearly
  • 90% of users follow at least one brand on the social platform
  • 50% of users use Instagram to find new brands
  • The average engagement with business pages is 0.83%(showing the importance of the new tag feature for reach)
  • 44% of Instagram users use it to shop weekly
  • Instagram advertising grew by 20% over the past year.
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