Google releases Retail Search for Online Stores

The power of Google Search is now available on-site for eCommerce stores with the launch of Retail Search.

We've highlighted the importance of on-site search for your online store in the past. Making your site search user-friendly, accurate, and robust brings a lot of advantages to store owners and customers. Your customers need to find what they are looking for easily, and often, the bog-standard search that comes with Shopify, WordPress, or other eCommerce platforms doesn't offer enough features and functionality.

According to Google, 90% of customers did not buy from an online site because they did not receive the search results that match their query, with $300 billion lost each year because of bad in-store search results.

Credit: Google

Google Cloud has just released Retail Search, making it possible for store owners to use the Google Search Engine to power their on-site search.

The new feature is built heavily around user intent and context, which will help improve search results in your store, overall user experience, conversion rates, and return customer rates.

From their blog post:

“Today, people expect search engines to understand their intent more deeply, return relevant results faster, and help them discover new products quickly with personalized recommendations.

Fortunately, product discovery experiences on retail sites can now offer superior, contextual experiences for consumers, combining marketing and data science insights and advanced search technologies based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

Your site search will benefit from running on Google's cloud architecture and will upgrade as they update their algorithms.

Some users who have tested the new service reported higher click-through rates and increased conversion rates.

Some of the key features of Retail Search

Google Powered AI
Optimized Results and Recommendations
Google Managed Results
GDPR privacy and compliance
Easy setup through Google Cloud

It is, of course, understandable why Google has taken this step as it will provide them with valuable search data on-site instead of just across their search engine. One can only hope they don't start running ads in your site search results in the future!

But for many store owners, this will be a great feature that allows them to offer a higher quality search experience to their customers.

It must also be noted that smaller catalogs might not see the maximum benefit of the Recommendations AI feature due to the limit on the number of products Retail Search can recommend from. Searchanise offers similar type features for Shopify and Woocommerce.

Retail Search FAQs

Does Retail Search Personalized the search results?

Currently, this is not supported.

Is Retail Search Free?

Sadly not. Search queries are charged at $2.5 per 1000 requests, and this can become costly for heavy traffic sites that receive a lot of search queries.

Recommendations AI also carry a cost starting at $0.27 per 1000 transactions and scaling up to $0.10 after 300,000,000. (Users do receive a $600 credit to test the new feature.

Are recommendations personalized?

Recommended for You and Others You May Like is personalized but not Frequently Bought Together or Similar Items.

Is multi-currency supported?

Only one currency per catalog is supported at the moment.

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