Etsy is an online marketplace that acts as a hub for sellers and buyers. It is primarily used for selling handmade goods, art, vintage items, and crafts. Due to the nature of these handmade products, finding exactly what you're looking for is more challenging than on a run-of-the-mill online store.

This issue inspired the creation of EtsyHunt – a tool that allows Etsy merchants to improve their product rankings to make them easier to find. Whether you are an existing Etsy store owner or if the idea sounds enticing – this review should inspire you to reach your full potential using EtsyHunt!

What is EtsyHunt?

Simply put, EtsyHunt is a free analysis toolkit that helps improve your Etsy shop ranking and visibility. This tool gives you a considerable edge over your competitor merchants, as you can access the following key insights: Product Research, Keyword Research, Shop Ranking, and Etsy Reviews. These tools allow you to perform market research on other Etsy stores to boost your product listings in search results, find your next hot-selling product – or find inspiration in the top-selling Etsy stores by seeing how they do it. The EtsyHunt toolkit is equally flexible and powerful thus it is equally useful for established Etsy merchants and novices alike.

Product Research

EtsyHunt's Product Research feature allows you to access an up-to-date database of over 50 million top-selling products on Etsy, so you can see exactly why they're the best. 

This page features detailed filters that enable you to find exactly the products you want, including price ranges, average reviews, shipping origins, and much more.

You can also view these listings individually for an even more detailed breakdown, including the product tags, categories, description, and a performance breakdown by sales, price, favorites, and reviews.

Keyword Research

This feature allows you to explore Etsy's top searches to find exact keywords or tags for use for your Etsy listings. The keyword research tool has a detailed interface, headlining with a summary of the week's trending tags that are constantly being updated.

After searching for your desired keyword, a complete analysis is given on it – starting with the essential information first, the number of views and sales the keyword generates, as well as the amount of competition you will have if you use it.

Below this, a google search trend chart is featured – plotting out the keyword's search interest over time on both normal Google searches and Google Shopping searches.

A country distribution is also provided, giving you a breakdown of where exactly these Google searches are coming from. The page also gives you a massive list of keywords similar to the one you chose to research, with the option to export this list to a spreadsheet to process the data further.

Another useful insight featured is the ‘Hot Word Cloud' – this colorful compilation is actually the most frequently used keywords related to the one you researched. This is useful for finding what your prospects are also searching for, to give you ideas for other products you could also possibly sell on your store.

An analysis of the products that use your searched keyword is also provided, including their average price, main category, the number of shops you will be competing with, and much more. Using this, you can see how competitive the niche is you are looking to get into. This is critical for a new Etsy merchant, as it will be much harder for your store to gain traction in an already established market.

An entire section dedicated to shipping is also included, which is very useful if you are looking for a way you can improve on something that these stores are already selling, by shipping it quicker than them.

As a free EtsyHunt user, you are limited to 10 keyword searches per day, however this limit is removed if you upgrade to a basic plan.

Shop Analyzer

The next analysis tool from EtsyHunt, Shop Analyzer, lets you take a deeper look at the marketing strategies of top Etsy sellers to see what got them where they are and how you can outperform them.

Similar to the Product Research feature, the Shop Analyzer lets you look at the data in a listing format before drilling down into a specific store. The listing view features basic filters like Country and Category, as well as more advanced ones based on sales figures, reviews, or customer favorites.

This feature is very useful to see what stores are topping Etsy in your country. You can also see a complete product list for each of these stores, which can give you some inspiration for products to sell on your own store. Similar to the product listings, you can also export this to a CSV file to further process the data.

Etsy Reviews

Using personalized templates, manage your Etsy reviews in time, and keep track of your orders. To use this feature, you will need to create an account on EtsyHunt and connect your Etsy account.

After binding your Etsy and EtsyHunt accounts, you will be able to manage your reviews and orders through the EtsyHunt platform. Follow Up Reminder is another useful feature in this section, which lets you check in with your customers by sending a message via a template to retain them effectively. This feature is currently only a demo version but also features filters to target your audience more accurately.

EtsyHunt Toolkit: EcomScrapy

EcomScrapy is the API responsible for all the data displayed on EtsyHunt. This is a very exciting tool for any e-commerce developer, as the sheer amount of data provided by this has endless applications.

The EcomScrapy API contains over 45 million Etsy products that are updated daily, with key metrics such as historical revenue and historical sales in real-time. The data also comes with over 20 extensive filter options, including but not limited to product categories, price, sales, and published time. This filtered data can be used on a wide variety of projects and uses a charge-by-token payment model with no hidden fees.

The EtsyHunt team also has a roadmap for upcoming features for the EcomScrapy API. This includes customized crawling when it comes to displaying data with no search results, as well as keyword-related requests to view the keyword information and request the corresponding category keyword rankings and other data. Another exciting feature on the horizon is the option to query Shopify store links to gain detailed store information, taking EtsyHunt beyond its original one-platform limitation!

EtsyHunt Toolkit: Etsy Tags Extension

Etsy Tags is another tool from the EtsyHunt suite that you can add to your belt. This Chrome extension allows you to scan and check your competitor's product tags directly on Etsy. You can start the scan from the homepage, a specific category page, a product page, or a competitor's shop page. These product tags are added onto products by store owners to give them the opportunity to show up in Etsy searches. To find the best keywords to use, the keyword research tool mentioned earlier in this article is your best bet.

This extension is also available for Microsoft Edge, which similar services do not usually support.

EtsyHunt Pricing

EtsyHunt features three different subscription plans, the first being Free, then Basic, followed by Pro. All three of these subscriptions are offered in either monthly or annual intervals, with the annual plan offering a 20% discount. Let's start with where you'll most likely start out – the free plan.

The free plan allows you to experience the product, keyword, and shop analysis – and while limited, still gives you a good feel of the platform.

  • Product Search: 10 Daily
  • Product Chart: Partial
  • Shop Search: 10 Daily
  • Shop Chart: Partial
  • Keyword Search: 10 Daily
  • Favorites: Up to 100
  • Listing Optimization
  • Follow-up Reminder
  • Amazon Handmade
  • Inactive Products
  • Multi-Store Binding

Next up is the Basic plan; if you're an Etsy store owner who is trying to grow their store this is the recommended plan for you as this plan gives you unlimited access to almost all EtsyHunt features.

  • Product Search: Unlimited
  • Product Chart: Unlimited
  • Shop Search: Unlimited
  • Shop Chart: Unlimited
  • Keyword Search: 100 Daily
  • Favorites: Up to 1000
  • ListingOptimize: 50 Daily
  • FollowupRemind: 150 Daily
  • Shop Analysis: Upcoming
  • Amazon Handmade
  • Inactive Products
  • Multi-Store Binding

Finally, the Pro plan is for if you wish to be an EtsyHunt power user. This subscription tier features all the features from the previous tiers but also has access to the Amazon Handmade, Inactive Products, and Multi Store Binding sections. This plan is $20 per month or $189 billed annually.

EtsyHunt vs. eRank

In terms of tools for growing your Etsy store, the two big players in the game are eRank and EtsyHunt. These two services are quite similar as they serve the same goal – but ultimately, they have key differences that set them apart. The biggest limitation we noticed on eRank, was that there was no easy way to explore trending products or shops like on EtsyHunt. This could be a dealbreaker for many users, as this feature proves to be extremely useful. EtsyHunt also offers the option of its Chrome and Edge extension for product tag scanning, whereas eRank also does not have a similar feature yet. However – eRank also has two useful tools that EtsyHunt doesn't, namely their Hashtag Generator and Profit Calculator. The Hashtag Generator converts words and phrases into hashtags that can be copied and pasted onto social media posts (or Etsy listings, of course.) eRank's Profit Calculator is used to calculate the estimated cost of creating and selling your Etsy item, which will help you predict and assess your profit margin.

EtsyHunt also features the option to manage your listing reviews using their service, as well as following up with customers using personalized templates.

Comparing the two services' pricing plans, eRank's free plan is much more limited than EtsyHunt. This also rings true for the premium plans, where eRank's highest tier plan doesn't provide users unlimited access to the tools like EtsyHunt (which is already given on the basic tier.)

EtsyHunt FAQ

How often does EtsyHunt update its data?

EtsyHunt processes more than 5,000,000 product listings' data daily – based on these listings, other metrics such as weekly estimated sales are updated.

How will EtsyHunt help my Etsy store?

By combining their tools and services, you can significantly boost your store's performance and gain an edge over your competitors. EtsyHunt provides you with resources to learn from the top-performing stores so you can improve yours.

When should I upgrade from a free EtsyHunt account?

EtsyHunt's free plan is a great way to dip your feet into the platform, it gives you access (albeit limit) to almost all the tools. If you are serious about growing your Etsy store and audience, you should consider subscribing to at least the basic plan, as this will give you access to more time with your EtsyHunt tools to grow your store.

How can EtsyHunt help me find what to sell?

By utilizing EtsyHunt's Shop Analyzer, you will be provided with an almost infinite list of Etsy stores to use as inspiration. From there, you can use the EtsyHunt Product Database to see what that store is selling and take a deeper dive into their product data, including their keywords, product tags, sales, shipping estimates, and more.

Features eRank EtsyHunt
Product Seeker
Product Trend
Shop Seeker
Shop Trend
Similar Keywords
Top 100 Listings
Most Searched Keywords
Keywords Tracking
Listing Optimization
Profit Calculator
Hashtag Generator
Reviews Management
Chrome Extension
Edge Extension
Pricing $5.99/$9.99 Per Month Free

Is EtsyHunt worth it?

Whether you are using it as a product database to find your next hot seller or to find ways to increase search volumes for existing products – EtsyHunt has an answer for you.

If you are brand new to owning an Etsy store, having a free tool by your side that lets you perform all the features we mentioned is game-changing; it gives newer stores a fighting chance to rank on search results previously dominated by top stores.

The EtsyHunt toolkit has a simple and easy-to-use interface, and any questions you do have are happily answered by their support team.

If you are an Etsy store owner, there is no reason you shouldn't be using EtsyHunt.

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