Dropbox Shop Launches Beta ecommerce store to US users

Dropbox Shop is now available to all US users in beta form. It allows users to sell digital content through its new eCommerce feature.

Merchants are spoilt for choice when it comes to platform options as many companies turn towards e-commerce as the next feature to attract users and beef up their offering. Dropbox is the latest company to enter the arena with full online store functionality. Users can sell directly to consumers using either a customized storefront, sharing direct links, or embedding code into existing websites.

How Dropbox Shop Works

Credit: Dropbox

Users will be able to sell any type of digital product through a centralized hub and will also be able to create and design storefronts. Payments are processed through Paypal and Stripe, and there is no processing fee from Dropbox itself at present. That will undoubtedly change in the future as Dropbox looks to monetize the new offering.

Products can be added natively in Dropbox and allow you to include product data such as featured image, video and audio, and price. Users will then have the option to share or embed the product into existing sites or social media channels.

Credit: Dropbox

As with most eCommerce platforms, you will also be able to track your data in a dashboard that will showcase sales, customer data, and traffic stats.

Digital content is automatically delivered to customers after a purchase, and Dropbox users can view all purchased digital content in their folder once logged in.

Shop functionality is only currently available in the US but should roll out soon across the world to its 700 million users( 15 million of which are paying users)

47% of Dropbox's revenue is generated currently outside the USA, so one can foresee the rollout happening fairly quickly internationally.

It is yet to be seen if Dropbox Shop can compete with dedicated eCommerce platforms, but the latest update should offer users an easy way to sell from the platform. eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Bigcommerce offer a lot more when it comes to functionality and support, so it is a big task ahead for Dropbox if they want to compete in the online shopping space long term.


More competition in the eCommerce platform space means only good news for merchants as companies continue to push development and innovation in the space. Recent examples such as Shopify Markets and Bigcommerce Multi-storefronts continue to improve how online store owners sell to their customers and the markets they can reach.

With Dropbox Shop, there is now another option available to users. The direct selling model is also attractive to merchants who want to keep control over their business and audience.

Dropbox Shop FAQs

What type of products can one sell on Dropbox Shop?

Any physical or digital product such as NFTs can be sold through the platform. Any files that can be uploaded to Dropbox can be sold. You could, for instance, sell workout videos, pdf guides, education courses, etc.

Is there a limit to the file type size?

Users on the basic dropbox plan can sell files up to 2gig in size, and Pro/Plus plans up to 50GB.

Do my customers need an account to buy?

No, customers can shop without a Dropbox account, and no login or registration is required.

Can users browse my storefront?

If you share it with users, customers can see your single listing or your entire store. All products added to your store will be visible once users reach it.

Does Dropbox shop allow users to ask for a refund?

Yes, refunds are possible either through Paypal or Stripe.

Does Dropbox Shop take a cut of each sale?

Currently, the only fee you pay is the payment processor fee, which might change in the future.

Is Dropbox Shop available to all users?

Currently, it is only available to US users, but international users can sign up to be on the wait-list:

How can I create a listing?

  • Simply sign in to your dropbox.com account
  • Click on the icon in the top left
  • Click on the Shop
  • Click on Create Item and add Title, Price, Description, Background, and files for delivery.
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