Cyber Monday is a marketing term referring to the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Similar to Black Friday, this day is known for huge discounts and deals, making shoppers go on a spending frenzy. Cyber Weekend is an extension of this day, starting from Friday and concluding on Tuesday after Cyber Monday.

It started in 2005 and has grown into one of the most fruitful eCommerce days of the year. Whatever side on the fence you're on, snagging great deals or having your products be sold by the boatload are both a big plus.

This article will provide an insider look to what a cyber weekend is and the 5 key instructions for your business to make it big on this cyber weekend.

What is a Cyber Weekend?

Companies offer significant discounts during Cyber Weekend that will attract consumers to shop online for marked down goods, products, and other Cyber Weekend deals. Cyber Weekend is a significant opportunity for companies to gain enormous sales volumes, and for customers to get their hands on that laptop or TV they've been dreaming about throughout the year.

5 Key Instructions for Cyber Weekend

Retailers need to put an effort in some areas to overcome challenges in the cyber weekend phenomenon. Here's a list of 5 key instructions that cannot just be ignored.

Smooth User Experience

The actual savior of retailers on the cyber weekend is to provide their customers with a smooth retail experience. If your website is confusing or difficult to navigate, or if your can't deliver what it promises, then all of these potential prospects could be lost to other retailers. 

Customer Service

Now, more than ever, retailers must display exceptional customer service through their eCommerce channels during the cyber weekend. Cyber Weekend is a time that retailers have increased sales, which means there will be a spike in customer inqueries. Your customer support needs to be on top of its game to get the most out of Cyber Weekend.

Social Media Presence

The company that will be victorious on this Cyber Weekend, is the one that has a strong social media presence. This presence allows companies to engage with consumers where they are most active, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Without proper social media strategies, retailers run the risk of being overshadowed by other retailers who engage with their customers in social media channels.

Offer Free Shipping

Retailers should offer free shipping on Cyber Weekends because consumers are interested in saving money more than ever before. A good discount on a product is one thing, but when shipping covers more than the discount even offers, this will cause customers to second guess their cart and abandon it.

Offer Cyber Bundles or Up-Sells

Make the most out of the influx of traffic to your store by upselling bundles to everyone that visits your website. Make it known that you offer free shipping, discounted bundles and much more to keep your visitors sticking with your store instead of the next one.

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