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Global eCommerce Closing Its Doors To Russia

Global eCommerce Closing Its Doors To Russia

Nike is the latest company to block online sales in Russia through its online store and app. The US multinational sporting goods company announced the blocking of all online sales of its merchandise to Russian customers, joining similar moves by Apple and Addidas in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Shopify Growth Slows Down as Pandemic Shopping Surge Cools

Shopify Growth Slowns Down as Pandemic Shopping Surge Cools Down

Shopify Inc. stock experienced its most significant drop on Wednesday as the eCommerce giant warned that growth has slowed from the pandemic high of 57%. They mentioned record-raising inflation and consumer spending as key factors influencing the slowing growth in 2022. Their stock is down almost 50% over the past 12 months on a higher time frame.

Amazon Shares Shatter Record for the Biggest Single-day Increase in US History

amazon stock increase on earnings report

Amazon's enjoyed the most significant increase in value in over seven years and the largest market value increase in history due to the eCommerce behemoths positive earnings report. Shares increased by 14% on Friday, pushing the share price to over $3150 by close and its overall value to a staggering $1.6-trillion. Investors were buoyed...

Lewis Hamilton Invests In Rapid Grocery Delivery Start-up, Zapp

7 Time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton aims at pole position in eCommerce with an undisclosed investment in rapid grocery delivery start-up Zapp.  Lewis has invested in multiple ventures, including fashion, and this latest partnership will further boost his business interest.  Hamilton's investment follows the latest investment round by investors such as...

How To Optimize Your eCommerce Refunds

Over the past year, more than eighty percent of online customers stated that they wouldn't think twice to shun your store if you have an obnoxious refund experience. This demonstrates the immense and often underestimated impact that your store's returns experience has on customer procurement. However, if you do manage to get refunds right, your store...

Amazon Launches New Attack on Retail Rivals

"According to reports, the e-commerce giant is planning to set up over 1,000 mini-fulfilment centres in North America – this month alone, 100 new Amazon distribution facilities will open in the US and Canada." The addition of these new mini-fulfilment centres is an attempt to overthrow Walmart, by disregarding its shorter delivery times from...

The Current and Future State of E-commerce

the current and future state of ecommerce

Where are we now and where are we heading The e-Commerce timeline has moved up significantly in just a few months by the Covid-19 epidemic. Online store development is the new gold rush with every company now having to look at ways to get online and fast. From your normal mom and...

Amazon in the Age of Crisis

amazon covid 19 crisis ecommerce-supply-chain

The world is holding its collective breath to see what the lasting effects will be from the current Covid-19 pandemic. Millions of jobs are at stake or already lost and trillions of dollars have disappeared from the world markets. Online retailers should be well-positioned to weather the storm yet supply chain issues, panic buying, and...

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