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New TikTok eCommerce Features – Order Center & Shopping Ads

Starting out as a simple entertainment app, TikTok quickly took over the world and saw the opportunity to evolve its platform. First testing the waters with product discovery features, the app is now on its way to becoming a full-blown eCommerce engine. One of their latest announcements furthers this push - with two new eCommerce features putting...

Top 11 Shopify Apps in 2022

Managing an online store is no easy task. There's a ton to keep track of, including orders, email marketing, speed optimization, and much more.  Shopify's App Store is loaded full of powerful options to help you manage your store, but the sheer quantity of options can be overwhelming when you're first starting out.

The Current and Future State of E-commerce

the current and future state of ecommerce

Where are we now and where are we heading The e-Commerce timeline has moved up significantly in just a few months by the Covid-19 epidemic. Online store development is the new gold rush with every company now having to look at ways to get online and fast. From your normal mom and...

eCommerce With TikTok

Social media giant TikTok has recently revealed their plans to explode its diversification into the world of eCommerce. This will allow brands to use the culture-shaping impact and reach that this app has proven to have. What is TikTok? TikTok, owned by tech mega-corp ByteDance, is...

Link in Bio Tool Linkpop Launched by Shopify

Link in Bio Tool Linkpop Launched by Shopify

Shopify continues to expand its add-on services to users with a new tool called Linkpop. The new service allows social media influencers, creators, and store owners to sell their products through their own Linkpop page. Credit Shopify Linkpop also allows users to include links to content like blog posts or...

YouTube Introduces Official Shopify Integration

Last week, YouTube dropped some pretty exciting eCommerce news on their official blog. This unexpected announcement shows that the video platform has been working closely with Shopify, teaming up to allow creators to utilize the creative outlet to sell their Shopify products. This news was well received, as Shopify shares shot up by around...

Best eCommerce Payment Gateways South Africa

One of the most crucial parts of your online store is the payment gateway. It ensures your store runs like a well-oiled machine, facilitating payments between consumers and businesses across all economic sectors. A payment gateway's job is to securely validate the customer's payment details, ensuring that funds are available in order to allow...

Facebook Launches Facebook Shops: Branded Stores within Facebook & Instagram

facebook launches facebook shops

Merchants will soon be able to create custom online storefronts within Instagram and Facebook. With Facebook Shops, you will be able to sell directly through Facebook and customize the look at feel of the storefront. The products, stock, and shipping will all still be handled within Shopify(or your e-commerce platform of choice) as Facebook Shops is only...

TikTok Rolling Out Search Ads For Specific Partners

TikTok Rolling Out Search Ads For Specific Partners

The social media platform recently started testing ads in search results, with a full roll-out not far off. Store owners are always looking for new ways to reach customers. Tiktok is currently the hottest social media platform, with staggering growth over the past year. The social media app has over one billion active users...

Shopify Editions Summer ’22 100+ New Updates & Features

Shopify is celebrating the summer season with over 100 new exciting features to its platform. In the latest Shopify Editions ( The company's bi-yearly spectacle of what they've been working on ), Shopify proves they have been hard at work during the first half of 2022. These new features include Shopify Audiences, NFTs, tap-to-pay, Twitter shopping, native...

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