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Shiba Inu Launches SHIB Metaverse

Shiba Inu Launches SHIB Metaverse

Popular cryptocurrency coin Shiba Inu announces the launch of its own metaverse together with the sale of virtual plots of land. The development of Shib: The Metaverse comes as many other role players in the metaverse space continue to roll out new developments in the virtual world. The Shiba Inu team will offer 100,595...

Walmart Aims to Boost Conversion Rates with a new tool, Choose My Model

Walmart Aims to Boost Conversion Rates with a new tool, Choose My Model

Walmart announced the new AI-enabled feature that gives shoppers the ability to choose a person that matches them in height, skin tone, and body shape. The retail giant will be rolling out the feature to more brands and products in the coming months. Future features will also include the ability for customers to upload their own photos...

AiTrillion Review: All-in-One Shopify Marketing Solution

AiTrillion is the world's first SaaS-based Artificial Intelligence enabled – all-in-one marketing solution for eCommerce merchants. All your marketing needs are catered for with the platform's extensive list of features. These features and tools help to increase customer lifetime value, improve consistency, and increase sales and revenue for your business. For a...

Top 7 eCommerce Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Top 7 eCommerce Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

The world of e-commerce is growing and changing at a frenetic pace, and the speed of change is not slowing down in 2022. Store owners already have a lot on their plate with managing their online stores, fighting off the competition, keeping customers and suppliers happy, and marketing their products.  That leaves little time...

Tiktok and Fast Fashion. The next wave of social selling

Tiktok and Fast Fashion. The next wave of social selling

Tiktok continues to dominate the social media space with growth across all metrics. The short-form video app now has over 1 billion users, doubling its user base in the past twelve months. The bulk of this is made up of teenagers. TikTok's growth was not isolated to only users. Its revenue grew by over 70% to almost...

How Smartphones Are Changing the eCommerce Industry

Smartphones have come a long way from gadgets that are used to call and text. Today's mobile devices resemble fully-fledged computers that can do everything — from create spreadsheets and facilitate virtual meetings, to shoot films and book flights. Because of new developments in smartphones, this has since paved the way for other industries to innovate too...

Growing Your eCommerce Website

Starting your eCommerce journey is an exhilarating experience. Seeing your online store come together, with all your products ready to be sold to people all around the world, is truly exciting.   However, chances are that this excitement might quickly transform into disappointment, as you face issues such as low website traffic, minimal sales, and...

Facebook Launches Facebook Shops: Branded Stores within Facebook & Instagram

facebook launches facebook shops

Merchants will soon be able to create custom online storefronts within Instagram and Facebook. With Facebook Shops, you will be able to sell directly through Facebook and customize the look at feel of the storefront. The products, stock, and shipping will all still be handled within Shopify(or your e-commerce platform of choice) as Facebook Shops is only...

The Complete Searchanise Review


The Advanced Search Plugin for Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce and more Overview One of the pillars of a successful e-commerce store is giving your customers what they are searching for. Many sites take this for granted. Store owners are so familiar with their own products, that they fail to...

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