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Mailchimp Continues Its Transformation By Launching New AI Tools

" Mailchimp may have started out as an easy to use newsletter tool, but that was almost 20 years ago. Today’s company still does email, but at its core, it is now a marketing automation platform for small businesses that also offers a website builder, basic online stores, digital ad support, and analytics to make sense of it all. Like...

Shopify Winter 2023 Update Part 1: Boost Conversion

Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, has recently announced their latest updates to help businesses convert more customers and increase sales. From faster page loading times to a streamlined checkout process, the Boost Conversion update is designed to make it easier for businesses to improve their conversion rates and grow their revenue. In this article, we'll take a...

Russian eCommerce Takes a Hit as Global Sanctions comes into effect

Russian eCommerce Takes a Hit as Global Sanctions comes into effect.

A modern-day digital iron curtain has fallen on the 12th largest e-commerce market in the world. eCommerce in Russia was the talk of the town in 2020-2021 as sales boomed and interest grew in the potential for significant gains in eCommerce sales and stocks in the sector. The darling of Russian eCommerce, Ozon launched...

Top 11 Shopify Apps in 2022

Managing an online store is no easy task. There's a ton to keep track of, including orders, email marketing, speed optimization, and much more.  Shopify's App Store is loaded full of powerful options to help you manage your store, but the sheer quantity of options can be overwhelming when you're first starting out.

Shopify Editions Summer ’22 100+ New Updates & Features

Shopify is celebrating the summer season with over 100 new exciting features to its platform. In the latest Shopify Editions ( The company's bi-yearly spectacle of what they've been working on ), Shopify proves they have been hard at work during the first half of 2022. These new features include Shopify Audiences, NFTs, tap-to-pay, Twitter shopping, native...

Cyber Weekend and 5 Key Tips For Online Retailers

Cyber Monday is a marketing term referring to the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Similar to Black Friday, this day is known for huge discounts and deals, making shoppers go on a spending frenzy. Cyber Weekend is an extension of this day, starting from Friday and concluding on Tuesday after Cyber Monday.

The Current and Future State of E-commerce

the current and future state of ecommerce

Where are we now and where are we heading The e-Commerce timeline has moved up significantly in just a few months by the Covid-19 epidemic. Online store development is the new gold rush with every company now having to look at ways to get online and fast. From your normal mom and...

Amazon in the Age of Crisis

amazon covid 19 crisis ecommerce-supply-chain

The world is holding its collective breath to see what the lasting effects will be from the current Covid-19 pandemic. Millions of jobs are at stake or already lost and trillions of dollars have disappeared from the world markets. Online retailers should be well-positioned to weather the storm yet supply chain issues, panic buying, and...

Dropbox Shop Launches Beta eCommerce store to US users

Dropbox Shop Launches Beta ecommerce store to US users

Dropbox Shop is now available to all US users in beta form. It allows users to sell digital content through its new eCommerce feature. Merchants are spoilt for choice when it comes to platform options as many companies turn towards e-commerce as the next feature to attract users and beef up their offering. Dropbox...

Google releases Retail Search for Online Stores

Google releases Retail Search for Online Stores

The power of Google Search is now available on-site for eCommerce stores with the launch of Retail Search. We've highlighted the importance of on-site search for your online store in the past. Making your site search user-friendly, accurate, and robust brings a lot of advantages to store owners and customers. Your customers need to...

BigCommerce Launches Multi-Storefront

BigCommerce Launches Multi-Storefront

Multi-Storefront is an exciting new featured debut by the SaaS online store platform BigCommerce, allowing merchants to design and manage multiple storefronts from a single shop. This new feature is welcome news for store owners and developers making it possible to manage everything in a single master store. Merchants will have the flexibility to...

Facebook Launches Facebook Shops: Branded Stores within Facebook & Instagram

facebook launches facebook shops

Merchants will soon be able to create custom online storefronts within Instagram and Facebook. With Facebook Shops, you will be able to sell directly through Facebook and customize the look at feel of the storefront. The products, stock, and shipping will all still be handled within Shopify(or your e-commerce platform of choice) as Facebook Shops is only...

New TikTok eCommerce Features – Order Center & Shopping Ads

Starting out as a simple entertainment app, TikTok quickly took over the world and saw the opportunity to evolve its platform. First testing the waters with product discovery features, the app is now on its way to becoming a full-blown eCommerce engine. One of their latest announcements furthers this push - with two new eCommerce features putting...

Shopify 10-for-1 Stock Split, Seeking Founder Share Approval

Shopify 10-for-1 Stock Split, Seeking Founder Share Approval

Shopify is looking to split its stock at a 10-1 ratio, thereby allowing more investors access to shares. This would be the first stock split for the e-commerce giant since it went public in 2015. The board approved the stock split and would need a two-thirds majority vote from shareholders at the annual shareholder...

Top UX Design Tips that Help Drive Online Sales

Top UX Design Tips that Help Drive Online Sales

The design of your online store plays a significant role in long-term e-commerce success. Yet it entails more than aesthetics. Each merchant must find ways to improve all conversion metrics for long-term success. You need to know what to track, what the numbers mean, and how to optimize the user experience to improve the key metrics.

How to Increase Sales: Frictionless Ecommerce

"Successful ecommerce outcomes are shaped by understanding what consumers want and how they want it. The essence of frictionless shopping is making it easy for consumers to make a decision and check out." Are you making it easy for customers to purchase and return to your website? The key to successful online stores is...

What Shopify Store Owners Need To Know About Shopify Audiences

Shopify continues its constant metamorphosis by spreading its wings into the advertising sector. Development on this new feature started shortly after Apple announced new iPhone features that will limit Facebook's ability to collect data from apps. According to analysts, these changes will cost Facebook around $10 billion in revenue this year alone. Google also recently announced that...

MailerLite Launches Extensive Upgrade

new mailerlite features reviewed

Every online merchant knows how vital email marketing is to their business. An effective email marketing strategy is key to e-commerce success. MailerLite has been a popular service for online stores, and the latest update of the company will do a lot to keep current users happy and attract new customers.

Shopify Sales Channels – Growing Your eCommerce Business

re you looking to grow your Shopify store? Expand your reach with Shopify’s Sales Channels: One of the biggest benefits Shopify offers is the convenient access it gives you to other sales channels. Sales channels represent platforms (websites or marketplaces) where you can sell your products. How...

Affiliate Marketing With Shopify

As one of the biggest e-commerce platforms globally, Shopify aims to cater to both small and enterprise-level online stores, as well as anything in between.   A big factor that plays a role in Shopify's flexibility is its powerful, ever-evolving app store. Businesses that choose Shopify as a platform have access to an absolute goldmine...

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