BigCommerce is furthering its presence into Europe, recently announcing that they are expanding into Germany, Mexico, and Spain too. This means merchants in these areas will now be able to incorporate locally preferred payment methods & gateways in their online stores. These local merchants can now use BigCommerce to build and scale their B2C and B2B businesses internationally.

This follows BigCommerce's most recent expansion in July of last year, with even more countries planned in the future.

BigCommerce's Future Expansions

Last year, BigCommerce was the infrastructure behind more than 60,000 merchants across 150+ countries. The platform projects global e-commerce sales to keep booming and reach close to 6 billion euros in the next two years.

“A robust and flexible ecommerce platform that can grow in parallel with business needs is critical for merchants to gain solid footing in today’s increasingly digital world. This is the competitive advantage BigCommerce offers to retailers in our newest regions,” – Meghan Stabler, VPof international marketing, BigCommerce

Since the introduction of their multi-currency features in 2020, the company has steadily trotted the globe by investing in expansions.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a major e-commerce platform that empowers merchants of any size to build and grow their business on the web. BigCommerce strives to find the balance between enterprise-level functionalities, customization and user-friendliness. BigCommerce is used by numerous major industries around the globe, including Skullcandy, Ben & Jerry's, and Vodafone to name a few.

With a free trial*, merchants can:

  • Establish and expand their local business internationally. A range of multi-language, multi-currency and safe payment capacities allows retailers to easily create storefronts tailored to local or cross-border patrons and test unexplored markets.
  • Uncover new channels for income. BigCommerce’s omnichannel platform allows merchants to uncover new revenue streams by exploring new sales channels like Facebook Shops, Google Shopping, Instagram Shopping, etc.
  • Leverage local help for future development. In addition to a fully translated front- and back-end and support resources, the creation of key roles in-country and a widening partner network will equip merchants with the tools they need to grow their online businesses.
  • Build powerful B2B storefronts. As the global B2B market increases, international retailers can transition their businesses online with BigCommerce's native B2B functionality and robust ecosystem of integration partner applications.
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