If you own a Shopify store, you know how crucial it is to ensure everything runs like clockwork. But with so many things to keep an eye on, it can take time to stay on top of everything. That's where Store Watchers, an all-in-one Shopify app, comes in handy for store owners who want to ensure their store is running properly and be notified immediately to take action if there is an issue. 

Why is testing your Shopify store important?

Testing is a crucial step in ensuring the reliability of your Shopify store. It helps to identify any potential bugs or errors in the store that could lead to downtime or other customer issues. Even a few minutes of downtime for bigger stores could mean thousands of dollars of potential revenue lost – that's why it's so important to always be on top of your game to ensure that your store is running without any errors.

It's important to do periodic checks on your store after making significant changes that could impact it. These changes include theme customizationsthe installation of a third-party app, or before an extensive marketing campaign or sale, where many visitors will be directed to your site.

Of course, doing these tests manually is a pain. It's unrealistic to go through every store element one by one each time you make an edit, and humans also tend to overlook things quite easily.

Automating the testing process

Automated Shopify testing applies computerized tools to perform periodic tests on your Shopify store. This helps reduce manual testing efforts and ensures your store's functionalities are tested regularly without you manually going through your storefront every time.

Automated testing can be used for testing your store's security, user interface, functionality, and more.

Store Watchers lets you run automated tests that will allow you to closely monitor your store's functionalities and receive immediate notifications if there is an issue. The app's user-friendly interface and easy installation and setup make it perfect for experienced and novice merchants alike. It also provides users with valuable insights into their store's performance, allowing you to locate pain points in your store's performance and address them.

Store Watchers in action, finding a 404 error on a Shopify store.

Store Watchers offers a variety of automated tests that allow store owners to monitor various storefront operations, customer login, search & add-to-cart buttons. After running these tests, detailed logs are available to see more information about your store and any errors if they occur. In addition, the app has a super intuitive user interface, making it easy to navigate, setting up multiple automated custom tests simultaneously, and features a centralized dashboard to review if everything in your store is working. 


Why should you implement automatic Shopify testing?

There are numerous advantages to automated testing for a Shopify store, including:

  1. Improved efficiency: Automation can assist in completing testing tasks faster and with pinpoint accuracy, unlike manual testing. This means issues can be located and fixed more efficiently, saving time and resources.
  2. Consistency: Automated tests can be run continuously without exhaustion, guaranteeing that the same tests are run with the same parameters every time. This helps identify potential issues and ensure the system works as intended.
  3. Improved accuracy: Automated testing eliminates the possibility of human error, which can occur during manual testing. This can help to identify issues that might otherwise be missed.
  4. Cost-effective: By making tests automatic, you can save money by removing the requirement for manual testing and allowing for more efficient use of resources.
  5. Better quality: Automated testing can help identify issues before they become customer issues, improving the store's quality and user experience.
  6. Scalability: Automated testing can be easily scaled to accommodate changes to the store or increased traffic, ensuring that the store remains functional and reliable after significant changes.

How do bugs or downtime affect your Shopify store?

Downtime in your Shopify store can be a real bummer for your business. If your store goes offline, your customers won't be able to shop, which can mean lost sales and revenue. Plus, an unreliable experience can damage your store's reputation, causing customers to lose faith in your brand and seek out competitors instead.

Here are a couple of Shopify store functionalities that we see most commonly deter customers when they don't work:

  • Broken add-to-cart button
  • Navigation links clicking through to nothing
  • Search function not working
  • Buggy payment gateway
  • Broken checkout proccess

Even if your store throws off a customer for a second, be that with a broken add-to-cart button, a link that leads to nowhere, or a checkout that needs to be fixed – it can lead to unhappy customers and negative reviews. 

To avoid these consequences, it's essential to keep testing your store as much as possible to stay on top of any potential issues.

How Automated Testing Can Save Time and Money for Shopify Store Owners

Manual testing can be time-consuming, tiring, and expensive. Luckily, automated testing enables you to save precious time and resources while ensuring the quality and functionality of your store.

Automated testing helps to speed up the testing process by running tests faster and covering more scenarios. This means that you can quickly test your store after any changes, giving you peace of mind that everything is working correctly. Moreover, automated testing can help to catch any errors or bugs in your store, which can be costly to fix if they go unnoticed.

One of the significant benefits of automated testing is its ability to perform regression testing. This means that you can compare new versions of your store to previous versions, ensuring that everything is still working correctly. By catching any errors early on in the development process, you can avoid costly fixes later.

Additionally, automated testing reduces the risk of human error, ensuring that your tests are consistent and accurate every time. This means that you can trust the results you get and focus on improving your store rather than worrying about manual testing errors.

Finally, while there may be an initial investment in automation tools and resources, automated testing can save you money in the long run. By reducing manual labor, improving the quality of your store, and catching errors early on, you can avoid costly fixes and provide your customers with a more reliable shopping experience.

Automated testing is a game-changer for Shopify store owners, providing faster testing, and regression testing, reducing human error, improving quality, and being cost-effective. By investing in automated testing, you can streamline your development process, improve your store's functionality, and provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Challenges Of Automated Shopify Testing

Automated testing may game-changer, but like any new tech tool, it comes with its own set of challenges and pitfalls. Here are some things to look out for while using automated testing with your Shopify store:

  • Implementation: Implementing automated testing takes time and resources, and you'll need to choose the right tools and frameworks, write test scripts, and set up test environments.
  • Maintenance: Automated tests need regular maintenance to keep up with changes to your store. If you don't keep your test scripts up to date, you could end up with false positives and negatives, which can be frustrating and confusing.
  • False Alarms: Automated testing isn't perfect and can produce false positives and negatives – like a fire alarm that goes off when you burn your toast but stays silent when there's an actual fire.
  • Test Coverage: To get the most out of your automated testing, you need to ensure your test scripts cover all the essential functionality in your Shopify store. If you don't, you might miss bugs or issues that could hurt your store's performance.
  • Environment Errors: Your test environment needs to be identical to your production environment to get accurate results. Any differences between the two can lead to false positives or negatives.
  • Test Data Troubles: Your automated tests rely on accurate and relevant test data. It's crucial to make sure your data is up-to-date and reflects the functionality you're testing. 

In conclusion, Store Watchers is an all-in-one Shopify app that provides store owners with the tools they need to monitor their store's functionalities and ensure everything runs smoothly. Its automated tests, performance metrics, and custom alerts make identifying and resolving issues easy before they impact your store's performance – leaving you with peace of mind knowing that your store is in good hands.

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