AiTrillion is the world's first SaaS-based Artificial Intelligence enabled – all-in-one marketing solution for eCommerce merchants. All your marketing needs are catered for with the platform's extensive list of features. These features and tools help to increase customer lifetime value, improve consistency, and increase sales and revenue for your business.

For a Shopify store owner or developer, AiTrillion is very exciting. All marketing needs you may require in your store wrapped into a single app, it almost sounds too good to be true.

In this article, we'll be reviewing the platform from the perspective of both a Shopify store developer, as well as a Shopify store owner – let's dive into it.


Email Marketing

AiTrillion's powerful eCommerce email marketing toolkit creates personal and targeted email sequences to automate your email delivery, transforming every mail into a unique experience for your customers.

Email Marketing Templates with Drag-and-Drop Editor

Elegant and efficient – picking, personalizing and supercharging your templates has never been easier. If starting a template from scratch feels a bit daunting, you have a library of more than 50 editable templates to give you a nice starting point. Because this platform is deeply integrated with Shopify, you can add products dynamically, based on collection and product recommendations. 

Ready-to-Go Automations for Email Campaigns

AiTrillion's automation system aims to help you never miss an opportunity to connect with customers (Even while you're asleep.) Connecting with clients engaged with your brand should be happening no matter what time it is – this turns prospects into customers.


AiTrillion helps you out here via marketing automation. The platform lets you set up a series of welcome emails, abandoned cart follow-ups, push notifications, loyalty programs, and much more. Like a well-oiled machine, this marketing loop runs 24/7 and tirelessly to keep your existing audience happy while growing it.

Targeted Email Marketing

Using segmentation, AiTrillion allows Shopify store owners to pinpoint the correct data to target their mailing lists with, personalized and tailored to each individual. Customer data and tags from Shopify help store owners to cater to an exact audience through AiTrillion marketing.

Minimal Email Bounces

Another useful feature is that AiTrillion actually validates the email addresses on your list BEFORE sending them.

Minimize email bounce rate optimization

This results in significantly lower bounced emails and block rates. With this hurdle out of the way, you can focus completely on what matters to your business – making sales and increasing customer engagement.

Form Builder

Using this app inside AiTrillion, you can create and publish forms that customers can fill out and submit their details without any struggle. The form builder uses a user-friendly drag and drop interface, with no limitations on the number of fields allowed in the form. Simply drag the elements you need and re-arrange until you're satisfied. The form builder interface also allows for automatic email responses & conditional logic, meaning you can hide or show specific fields on an email based on the values entered by the user on your form. Exporting your form entries is also a breeze, only taking one click to be converted into an editable CSV spreadsheet.

Workflow Automation

AiTrillion aims to make it easier than ever to connect with customers at the best times through the correct sales channels. Their workflow automation tools help you add a personal touch to all external communication by completely eliminating all manual processes.

Personalized Messages


The platform allows you to branch and segment your emails and push notifications within one main workflow. This allows you to tailor your offers, add incentives, and more to convince customers down the correct path. Although the automation interface has a bit of a learning curve, it soon becomes very easy to use – and their brilliant support team will help you with any of your struggles.

Exclusive Pre-Made Work Flow Templates

After subscribing to a free trial, I was able to start marketing immediately with the help of the already-made workflow templates. There are 10+ automation templates to choose from and to use as a starting point in your own eventual workflow.

Take a look at a few examples:

Simple follow up series

Send simple welcome email series when customers sign up in the store.

Basic welcome series

Send personalized welcome email series on customer sign-up.

Customer Reactivation

Send reactivation emails to win back lost customers and improve your marketing endeavors.

Abandoned Cart Series

Send emails to your customers on cart abandonment.

Nurture Your Contact List

Why just automate your email and push notifications- you can even automate organizing contacts into different lists and the updating of information in your contact database.

Combine multiple sales channels 

Another very useful feature is this it lets you deliver personalized messages to your customers based on their preferred channels.


Real-time tracking

Real-time performance tracking

Keep checks on your marketing campaign via sales tracking and attribution. The platform's analytics help you understand how your audience is engaging with your email marketing campaign and how much revenue each campaign is bringing in. Analyzing these statistics, you can vastly improve your email campaigns in the future to reach even wider audiences.

Useful statistics include:

·   Email open rate

·   Email delivery

·   Unsubscribers

·   New subscribers

·   Click-through rates

·   Orders placed/sales/conversions

Visual Reports

Visually see how well your campaigns are performing on the platform's easy-to-navigate dashboard. Measure campaign performance, dump underperforming campaigns, and build on thriving campaigns. AiTrillion's AI-powered engine helps you get entry to all marketing campaigns and empowers you to assemble and polish up a promising email marketing strategy.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Another major feature is the loyalty rewards program. The main use for this is to increase repeat purchases, as it is a lot easier to cater to existing customers than to find new ones.


A loyalty program is almost essential in every successful eCommerce endeavor. It gives customers more reasons to return to your online store for exclusive rewards. AiTrillion also makes it effortless for your customers to cash in their points for awesome rewards. Reward your top buying customers with a bunch of tier entry rewards and custom perks. A VIP loyalty rewards program cultivates long-standing relationships that keep on giving. You can get really creative with all these features; for example, by combining this loyalty program with email marketing, you can give customers free points on their birthday!

Here are some rewards you can offer returning customers:

·   Money off

·   Percentage discount

·   Free shipping

·   Free products

·   Product discount

Friend Referral

A loyalty rewards program on its own is solid, but combine that with referrals, and you've got a killer combo. AiTrillion lets you set up referral rewards, giving customers incentive to recruit their friends too. The platform helps promote your referral program by letting you create referral pop-ups on your Shopify store and giving points to customers for your loyalty program when they refer a friend.

Group Customers Based on Points Earned

This feature is very useful, and I haven't seen it on any other Shopify loyalty apps before using AiTrillion. Based on the number of points a customer has – you can group them into tiers. This allows you to motivate your customers with exciting milestones based on their point progression thus far, pushing them to reach the next tier. This tier system allows you to strengthen connections with your top customers through increasing rewards, perks, and special offers. 

AiTrillion Live Chat

AiTrillion allows you to embed their artificially intelligent chatbot software in your Shopify store and manage all conversations in one place. AiTrillion helps you resolve your customer problems by connecting, interacting, and solving them in real-time. The implementation is seamless, and you can even customize the chat widget to fit your store's color and branding.

Artificial Intelligence

What sets AiTrillion apart from other marketing platforms for Shopify – is the ‘Ai' part of its name. The platform uses artificial intelligence for website personalization, product recommendations, and much more.

Map your Customers Path with AI Prediction

AiTrillion helps you predict your customer's next moves, combining data based on behavior and activities performed by the customer. This means you can predict future actions based on historical customer data.


With predictive analytics, you can generate prospective insights with a considerable degree of precision and can update your business strategies to garner profits.

AI Product Recommendations

Leveraging AI-Powered analytics, you can deliver a personalized shopping experience for each one of your customers. Make your recommendations unique by analyzing the shopper's behavior and intent. 


AiTrillion offers two package groups, one for growing start-ups and another for enterprise-level businesses. In the start-up group, the “Growth” plan starts at a price of $20/pm for only 300 emails on your contact list, going all the way up to 10,000 contacts for $100/pm. This plan gives you access to 11+ tools on the platform.

Next up is the “Advanced” plan under the start-up group for growing brands that want to convert their existing customers with Automation. This plan starts at a minimum of 15,000 contacts at $200/pm, all the way up to 100,000 contacts for $1,299/pm.

The enterprise plans both require you to contact AiTrillion for a quotation based on your requirements.

AiTrillion FAQs

How can AiTrillion be used in-store?

AiTrillion app is used to automate many of the marketing efforts of store owners, all in a single app, reducing the cost and complexity of managing multiple apps. Features includes:

  • Segmentation
  • Managing sales channels
  • Email Drip Campaigns to customers
  • Managing leads
  • Tracking visitors through a robust analytics dashboard

Why use AiTrillion?

AiTrillion combines many of the features of alternative apps into one secure app, which means multiple instances of apps running won't slow your site down. It also reduces the amount of code added by other apps.

The app's primary focus is to retain customers and keep them coming back for more, helping to increase profits and reduce costs.

What support options are available through AiTrillion?

Support for this app is class-leading, with many user reviews mentioning the excellent service they receive from support staff. Users can access support through:

  • Chat
  • 24/7 Live Rep
  • Forum
  • FAQs
  • Email
  • Phone Support
  • Help Desk

Does AiTrillion offer training?

The company provides a wide range of education options incl:

  • Live online training
  • In-person training
  • Documentation
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Case Studies

Can I test it before I decide to pay?

They offer a generous 30 days free trial to all users allowing store owners to test the service before paying for it.

We always recommend store owners back up their theme and store data before installing any app to make sure a backup is available if anything goes wrong.

How much does AiTrillion cost?

Pricing plans start at $19 for 300 customers, $49 for 5000 customers, and $99 for 10,000 customers.

Advanced plans are available for larger stores that start at $199 for 15,000 customers and above.

They also offer a 25% discount if paid annually.

Is my user data secure?

AiTrillion uses robust cloud-based infrastructure security(AWS Server) to secure your customer's data. Using multiple apps means your data is being shared with multiple companies, increasing the risk of data breaches.

How does Refer-a-friend work?

Customers automatically receive a coupon code that they can share with friends or through social media. They then receive rewards based on your criteria that they can redeem in-store.

What are some of the customer activities that one can reward?

  • Making a purchase
  • Creating an account
  • Friend referral
  • Visiting your store
  • Buy X receiving Y points
  • Customer's birthday
  • Leaving a review
  • Following on social media channels
  • Sharing on social media
  • Allowing push notifications in their browser

What can customers do with their reward points?

  • Money or percentage discount on next order
  • Free shipping off next order
  • Free products
  • Discount on specific products


AiTrillion is an excellent platform, covering quite literally all marketing needs you might have for your Shopify store. A turn-off for most might be the price tag, but if you use the platform to its full potential, you will come to reap much more than the monthly investment made.

Start your 30 day free trial.

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